How to reset PS3

Sometimes, if you switch cables from HDMI to Composite, or if you just bring your PS3 to your friends home and want to play on his a little bit older TV, you cannot. After you turn it on, there is no screen, allthough console shows that’s it’s turned on. To avoid this problem, and to reset your PS3, simply hold “Power” button for 5 seconds. That should do the trick, and it will configure console’s output settings to the ones which your TV can support.

I hope I helped you with your PS3 problem :) Let me know if you still can’t see anything, we’ll try to figure out what’s wrong :)

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Biggest Sony problems

You probably know about them, when you couldn’t connect to the PSN network. You was trying to connect and download some games, play with your buddies or just browse the PSN store.. But none was available, because of some bad hackers, who hacked into the Sony and stole millions of customers information. Yep, I believe I was one of them, and probably you too, if you ever used PSN.. That’s why now, when you turn on your PS3 console and try login, you need to reset your password, so nobody could use your account. But if you have used the same password which you are using everywhere, in every aspect of your online life, I highly suggest go and change it! Don’t make it global problem for yourself, keep it as simple ps3 problem.. Which you can handle. I hope you will not loose any money or too much time solving it.

Now you already can connect, so let’s meet online!

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How we will solve your problems?

If you have problems with your PS3, you came to the right place. Here we will introduce you the best options available on how to fix or solve your issues. If you think you cannot do it yourself, maybe ask your friend who is more tech – savvy, and only as the last resort use the warranty, if you still have one! I think on this site we will have something like user – submitted database containing all the possible errors and solutions for the PS3. The good thing is that PS3 is less likely to broke – so you should be relieved by this info. If you have xbox360, you know what I mean! They break like hell, while playstation tries to be more strong, more sophisticated and less breakable. But let’s not start fanboy wars. I like both consoles, and I try to give the same attention to both of them. At the end, it’s the stuff which we use for our own enterntainment, and let’s admit it, both consoles bring similar experience of joy. So, if unfortunately your PS3 is broke now, if you have a problem, feel free to browse our site, all the tags, maybe you will find the solution to your problem. If not, there will be a box on the side, where you could ask your question, and hopefully someone will answer soon! Or maybe someone will google the answer for you. The posibilities are limitless. And we all work for the same – we want to have our gaming consoles fixed! On the next post, I will start with most frequent errors you could encounter. When I have time, I’ll post you all the error codes which you could see on PSN – that will make your life easier. If you have colorless screen, issues with sound or cables, we can still sometimes help you. At the end, if nothing helps, I’ll give you some good deals where you can buy a new console – we all know some things break. And if they break to the point where it’s unfixable, it’s better just to buy new equipment, and start fresh.

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